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Funny SMS

When I open my eyes each morning I request with God that each one should have a friend like you. Why should only I suffer! ! !
If the world of ur is spining round and round. And round. Does heart of Ur quickly, U beat think its LOVE? Na Munna Na its high B/P called.
Last night I extend in my bed looking at open airs, the moon and the sky. then I thought where kisses it is my roof
Birdy birdy in the sky dropped a poopy in my eye, I put the 'preoccupations with a T that me put 'the cry of T, I 'm just happy that the cows put out of box 'the fly of T!
To the moment of SAY 10 million people R having sex.5 million people R drinking coffee.100 million idiotic people stupid of sleep and 1 of R reads my text! pass above
The rain makes all the things beautiful. The grass and flowers 2. If the rain makes all the things beautiful why doesn't make it rain on you?
I want U 2 know the dat our means much 2 of friendship I. Cry of U I cry. Lauf of the lauf I of U.U jump of the window of the DA. I look at downwards and lauf den. I still
Man made by God and then rested. The women made by God and then nobody rested
>< (((: the >I send fish of SAY while a sign of PLZ of friendship take care of him and maintain it in the mobile and the daily put mobile of ur in water thus the fish of tat DO NOT DIE: -)
A rajah and rani of day decided to send messages between them by employing the pigeon instead of the mobile. Very the day following the pigeon reached the rajah without any message. It angried and called with the rani. It has known as stupid this was a call missed
can you lend Rs 2000 to me? I need him. please repair me, I know that you have it, return of wil of I that it .a sardar request to the machine of atmosphere? ? ? ? ? ? ?
the terrorists removed our lecturers. and the aransom required of 500000 rs or them will burn them with the kerosene PLZ. give. I gave 15 liters.
Why the couples hold hands during their day of the marriage?. ?. ?. ? . It is right a formality, as two boxers tightening the hand b4 that the combat starts!
friend are like the cellphone, all the times that you want the inbox of control of happiness right, all the times that U want to cry control outside lock up in a box, and all the times that U want with the pleasure right connect your charger and appreciate.
The husband asks, you know the significance of the WIFE.
She means. without combat of information each time!�
No of satys of WIFE, it means -�
With the idiot forever.

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Lady and A Husband PoliceFunny SMS

Lady : So, you want to become my son-in-law? Boy: Not really, but I don't see any other way 2 marry ur daughter!

"I hear that you drop some money in Stocks. Were you a bull or a bear?" "Neither, just a plain simple ass."

A lady delivered twins. Suprisingly one is a boy and another is a dog how it is possible? Bcoz her husband is HUTCH DEALER.... wherever u go out network follows

Dream makes al things possible, Hope makes al things work, luv makes al thigs beutifl, smile makes al d abv so always BRUSH UR TEETH...!

Husband: Today is sunday & I have to enjoy it. So i bought 3 movie tickets. Wife: why three? Husband: 4 u and ur parents.

A police recruit was asked during exam, "What would u do if u had to arrest ur own mother?" He said, "Call for backup."

A baby monkey asks his father, Father why r we so ugly? The father says to him, don't stress my son u should see the one who is reading this!!

Her Job & My Job Her Job is to Bitch! Mine is to give her a Reason!

What do u call a woman in heaven? An Angel. A crowd of woman in heaven? A host of Angels. And all woman in heaven? PEACE ON EARTH!

Teacher: What should be in a book to make it a bestseller? Tommy: A girl on the cover and no cover on the girl.

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Zenni Optical

Because I read a certain Web site, I found Zenni Optical in the New York Times?! and I find their post very interesting and based on knowledge. Their matter is all about the way of choosing and of spending the money to buy the good quality of the glasses of it. And I was happy to find Prescription eyeglasses for only $8!. Isn't this really large news? In spite of our saving in deterioration we can still buy glasses which are of good quality. Thus the types, to give you an idea in the way in which beautiful their products are, I the 'VE announced below my preferred use of eye of their store and him 'of S as Seeing Straight Without Breaking Bank

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online eyeglasses shop

Remember the popular online eyeglasses shop that I mentioned few posts earlier? Besides the well known $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses, there are now Holiday Glass Frames from Zenni Optical. Doesn't that put a smile on your face? Christmas is coming real soon and a pair of new glasses that matches the holiday spirit will definitely add some spark in the celebration. Shop on!

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Zenni Optical was on FOX news!

Zenni Optical was on FOX news! And why not? They are the only online store which offers Great Eyeglasses For Less. They have also many designs to the mode to choose and in almost any color you can think of. You can also chose many Variable Dimension Frames From Zenni.
If you want to check it video about them, observe Zenni on Fox.

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Gadget Advisor For PC

The conclusion of information on the instruments and the technology is very easy here because there is much site which give such an information but not much of sites which concentrates on providing recent information on instruments and of point. One of them is With the difference in others the site, adviser of instrument is conceived to indicate their visitors about the recent instrument and high products, such as universal remote control, as newer remote-control which was even produced. The other new instrument is network media player. It is the best and the late multi-media reproducer. By having this one, you can listen to your preferred song. There are also online backup services. This protection service on line is appropriate for those like which to protect their data on line.

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